Standing with Bus Drivers: The Story Behind the Viral Amherst bus driver T-Shirt

Amherst bus driver T-Shirt

In recent weeks, a viral video featuring an Amherst school bus driver, Jackie Miller, caught the attention of millions. The clip showed Miller using strong language with middle school students, but there’s more to the story than meets the eye. In this article, we’ll delve into the events surrounding the incident and explore the significance of a t-shirt created in response to it. The shirt reads, “My foot’s gonna be so far up your goddamn ass it’s gonna dangle out your goddamn nose!” and is being sold by Rockatee to raise awareness and show support for bus drivers.

The Incident

The video that circulated on social media showed Miller losing her temper with the students, using a colorful phrase that has since become the slogan on the t-shirt[1]. However, it’s important to understand the context that led to this outburst. Reports suggest that the students were deliberately spraying perfume on the bus, despite knowing that Miller has an allergic reaction to it[1]. This ongoing harassment is believed to have provoked the bus driver’s response.

The T-Shirt Campaign

Rockatee, a t-shirt company, has decided to capitalize on the incident by creating a t-shirt that features the infamous phrase uttered by Miller. The purpose of the t-shirt is to raise awareness about the challenges faced by bus drivers, who often deal with difficult and disrespectful behavior from students. By selling the t-shirt, Rockatee aims to show solidarity with bus drivers who face similar situations daily and to encourage a broader conversation about the importance of treating these professionals with respect.

Supporting Bus Drivers

Bus drivers play a crucial role in the education system, ensuring that students get to and from school safely. Despite their important function, they often face challenging working conditions and receive little recognition for their efforts. The Rockatee t-shirt campaign aims to change that by raising awareness about the challenges bus drivers face and promoting a more respectful environment for these essential workers.


The t-shirt bearing Jackie Miller’s infamous phrase may have been born out of a controversial incident, but it now serves a greater purpose. By raising awareness about the challenges faced by bus drivers, the campaign aims to foster a more supportive and respectful environment for these unsung heroes of education. So, the next time you see someone wearing this bold statement on their chest, remember the message behind it and consider how you can contribute to making the world a better place for bus drivers and the students they transport.

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