Megyn Kelly’s “Make Women Female Again” Hat Sparks Conversation

Megyn Kelly, the host of “The Megyn Kelly Show,” made waves on social media recently by posting a poolside selfie wearing a red MAGA-style hat with the slogan “Make Women Female Again.” This hat, which alludes to ongoing cultural debates surrounding gender and transgender issues, has generated a significant response on social media, with many of Kelly’s followers expressing their enthusiasm and support for the message.

In the photo, Kelly is seen sporting the hat, sunglasses, and a bikini, while celebrating a friend’s 50th birthday in Miami. The red cap has been a popular topic of conversation, with comments such as “Best hat in Miami!” and “Great hat! I want one!” appearing on her Twitter feed.

The hat in question is available for purchase from an e-commerce site called Adult Human Female, which was created by Kellie Jay-Keen. The site promotes “2023 as the year of the TERF,” referring to “trans exclusionary radical feminist.” To get your hands on this controversial yet attention-grabbing hat, you can visit the following link:

Make Women Female Again Hat by Rockatee

While many of Kelly’s followers have shown their support for the hat and its message, others have taken the opportunity to revisit past conflicts between Kelly and former President Donald Trump. Criminal defense attorney Ron Filipkowski responded to the image by posting a screenshot of a 2016 tweet from then-presidential candidate Trump, in which he criticized Kelly’s show and encouraged a boycott.

This polarizing hat has certainly stirred up conversation and debate surrounding gender and transgender issues. Whether you agree or disagree with the message, it’s undeniable that Megyn Kelly’s “Make Women Female Again” hat has sparked a reaction on social media.

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